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Regular Session on January 12, 2022

Brevard Soil and Water Conservation
District Board of Supervisors
Business Meeting Minutes

The Brevard Soil and Water Conservation District met in regular public session on Wednesday, January 12,
2022,at4:00p.m.,in the UF/IFAS auditorium,UF/IFAS Extension Brevard Co.,3695LakeDrive,Cocoa,FL.

Chairman Bud Chrisafulli called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. Video with audio of the entire meeting
was provided for public viewing through the UF/IFAS Extension ZOOM web-based videoconferencing and
recording system.

Board members present: Bud Crisafulli, Chairman, Supervisor Group 5
Adam Tritt, Co-Chairman, Supervisor Group1
Jim Sloan, Secretary, Supervisor Group 2
Jonathan Schuman,Treasurer,Supervisor Group
Chelsea Partridge,SupervisorGroup3

Staff members present: Joe Walter,Agriculture Extension Agent, UF/IFAS Extension Brevard
Brian Zielinski,USDA/NRCS Conservationist – Brevard & Seminole Co.
Mike Engelgau, Staff Soil & Water Engineering Technician

Visitors and Presenters: Rick Heffelinger, Resident of Cocoa, FL

Presented Documents.

Documents as presented by the Staff,Presenters and Supervisors for review, approval and/or information
of the Board:

Memorandum, To:Members of the Florida Legislature; From Association of Florida Conservation
Districts; Subject Bill 1078/ House Bill 783 -Abolishing Soil and Water Conservation Districts;Dated
January 10, 2022.

National Association of Conservation Districts, 2022 Annual Meeting Agenda, Hilton Orlando –Lake
Buena Vista at Disney Springs, February 12-16, 2022.

USDA NRCS –Cocoa Service Center,District Conservationist Report, Brevard SWCD Meeting January
12, 2022. Natural Resources Conservation Service Updates. With Attachments:
• Canaveral Marshes. Brevard Soil & Water Conservation District Intergovernmental
Agreement with St. Johns River Water Management District (Jan. 28th, 2013).
• Conservation Plan for LF Bar Inc., 5087Junedale Dr., Cocoa, Florida 32926. Canaveral

• Memorandum of Agreement between the United States Department of Agriculture, Natural
Resources Conservation Service AND Brevard Soil and Water Conservation District. Dated 414-
• United States Department of Agriculture Civil Rights Responsibilities for Partners, Checklist
for Affirmation of Review by the Soil and Water Conservation District Board members.
Reported for Public Records.

There were no documents presented by the Board Supervisors which must be published in the public record.

Guest Presentations.

At the conclusion of the Board business meeting Mr. Rick Heffelinger, a resident of Cocoa, FL, informed the board
members about a change to the St Johns River Water Management regulation of residential lawn watering timing
and application throughout Brevard County and its municipalities. He asked if the Board could give an opinion on an
issue of police enforcement that will be brought before the Brevard Board of Commissioners on January 25th which
will enact penalties for watering by residents outside of the established time limits. If the SJRWM District changes
are not implemented by Brevard County, then it is possible that SJRWM District grants to the county government
maybe withheld. The Board of Supervisors could not give an opinion on Brevard County issues of residential
watering since that local government regulation is outside of the Board’s jurisdiction.

Annual Selection and Confirmation of Board Officers for Year 2022.

Before commencing with the business session of the agenda,Chairman Bud Crisafulli opened the floor for
nominations and confirmation of candidates to replace existing officers of the Board of Supervisors. Elected officers
assumed their positions immediately after the confirmation vote of the existing Board of Supervisors.

Chairman- Bud Crisafulli volunteered to retain his office as Chairman to the Board during year 2022. Jim Sloan
seconded that voluntary nomination and Chairman Crisafulli was confirmed by unanimous vote of the supervisors.

Vice-Chairman– Adam Tritt volunteered to retain his office as Vice Chairman to the Board during year 2022. James
Sloan seconded that voluntary nomination and Vice Chairman Tritt was confirmed by unanimous vote of the

Secretary–James Sloan volunteered to retain his office as Secretary to the Board during year 2022. Chelsea
Partridge seconded that voluntary nomination and Secretary Sloan was confirmed by unanimous vote of the

Treasurer– Jonathan Schuman volunteered to retain his office as Treasurer to the Board during year 2022. Chelsea
Partridge seconded that voluntary nomination and Treasurer Schuman was confirmed by unanimous vote of the

Information Officer–Chelsea Partridge volunteered to assume the newly established position as Information Officer
for the Board during year 2022. Jonathan Schuman seconded that voluntary nomination and Information Officer
Partridge was confirmed by unanimous vote of the supervisors.

Review and Approval of the Current Treasurer’s Report.

The board treasurer,Jonathan Schuman,provided the treasurer’s report for December 1st to December 31st ,
2021,to the board,with a report that included the Bank of America checking account and CD account
summaries.He reported that the term of the CD account is completed on or byJanuary23, 2022 and the
CD is eligible for renewal. Supervisor Tripp made a motion to have the treasurer not allow a rollover of
funds, then directly accept the CD amount of $27,131.43. Supervisor Schuman seconded that motion and
the motion passed without amendment by unanimous vote of the supervisors present. Supervisor
Schuman then proposed by motion that the entire amount be deposited into the district’s checking
account with Bank of America. Supervisor Trip seconded that motion and the motion passed without
amendment by unanimous vote of the supervisors present.

The motion by Chelsea PartridgetoapprovetheDecember1st toDecember31st,2021,Treasurer’s Report
was seconded by James Sloan. The motion passed without amendment by unanimous vote of the
supervisors present.

Jonathan Schuman noted that the designated Brevard County public school officer had not accepted the
$2000.00 District grant check for deposit and disbursement to those teachers wanting to participate in the
student science projects. The grant check was therefore replaced and was to be presented to a different
Brevard public school department/officer for deposit and disbursement to the participating science
teachers, however some administrative problems have prevented the presentation. Supervisor Schuman
is working on a solution.

Review and Approval of Minutes for prior Board of Supervisors meeting.

The board secretary, James Sloan, presented the business meeting minutes for the previous public
business meeting held on Wednesday, December 8th, 2021.

The motion made by Supervisor Sloan, to approve the December 8th,2021Board of Supervisors’ Business
Meeting Minutes,was seconded by Supervisor Partridge. The motion passed without amendment by
unanimous vote of the supervisors.

Staff Update

USDANRCS Cocoa Service Office District Conservationis tReport

The Brian Zielinski of the USDANRCS Cocoa Service Office provided the January 12th 2022,  District Conservationist Report to
this Brevard SWCD Meeting.He updated the NRCS/BSWCD partnership issues within his report categories of “Old Business &
New Business.

NRCS Old Business:

The joint field trip by Brevard SWCD and Seminole SWCD as planned for Saturday January 22nd has
been cancelled. It will be rescheduled at the next joint district opportunity in the near future.

SSWCD Land Judging Contest:

Seminole SWCD is holding a Land Judging Contest on April 1st .2022 and asked if the Brevard SWCD

would like to participate in the contest. Three supervisors expressed interest in supporting and

participating in the contest. They were Jim Sloan,  Jonathan Schuman, and Chelsea Partridge.

2022 Wetlands Festival:

This festival to be held in Christmas FL on February 19th has been cancelled.

Canaveral Marshes:

The Brevard SWC Distric tInteragency Agreement. The NRCS Cocoa Service Center District
Conservationist, Brian Zielinski distributed draft copies of the leased Canaveral Marshes Conservation

Plan and stated that it is close to finalization with the St Johns River Water Management District.
Signed lease documents are expected for presentation at the next District Board meeting for
publication as a public record.

NRCS New Business:
FY 2022 Conservation Stewardship Program (Classic):

Total CSP contracts for FY2022 has reached 5 and two of the contracts total $200,000.

The FY 2022 Memorandum of Agreement between USDA/ NRCS and Brevard SWCD was handed to all
District supervisors for review of civil rights stipulations and execution of each supervisor’s signature as
partners in agreement.
Old Meeting Business

Florida Department of Ethics Financial Disclosure Management System.

Each District Supervisor was provided with his/her personal contact information as recorded in the Financial
Disclosure Management System and corrections by the individual were returned to Supervisor Sloan for update of
the computer system records.

2022 Annual National Association of Conservation Districts Meeting Agenda

The NACD Annual Meeting is scheduled for Friday, February 12th at the Hilton Orlando – Lake Buena Vista at Disney
Springs and the agenda was distributed to all board supervisors. Supervisor Sloan made a motion that would
reimburse any and all supervisors who will register and attend the annual NACD meeting. Supervisor Crisafulli
amended the motion to allow reimbursement of all expenses incurred by the supervisors attending the meeting
based on their receipts and expense reports. Supervisor Schuman seconded the motion, then the amended motion
was passed by unanimous vote of all supervisors present.

New Meeting Business

Meeting with Brevard County Government staff on the Storm Water Exemption Program.
Supervisor Partridge, along with other local NRCS staff, will attend the meeting on Friday, January 14th at the Viera
government center. They will review procedures and requirements, as well as provide verification of commitments
and accomplishments.

District Preparation for the Annual FDACS Audit.

Supervisor Sloan provided copies of the Summary Analysis of the Special District Accountability law, that took effect
on October 1st, 2021. A brief discussion of the requirement for DACS conduct of an annual audit of the accounts of
receipts and disbursements within each of the active 56 soil and water conservation districts. It was agreed that an
annual fiscal year (October 1st, 2021through September 30th, 2022) budget was required to prepare for the DACS
audit. The board treasurer was asked to prepare a draft budget and provide it to the February board meeting for
discussion, finalization and approval of the FY budget. The request was approved by acclimation of all supervisors

Discussion of “SB 1078/HB 783–Abolishing Soil and Water Conservation Districts”.

Supervisor Sloan and NRCS staff provided a brief summary of the ZOOM workshop held on January 10th to gather
support input and narrative for our FACD representatives to use during meetings with legislative committees now
considering Senate Bill 1078 / House Bill 783. Supervisor Sloan will follow the committee legislative progress and
report developments at the February 9th business meeting.

With consensus of the Board,the Chair adjourned the meeting at5:55PM on 1/12/2022.
Prepared for board review and approval by,

James Sloan
February 6, 2022