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December minutes 2023

Brevard Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors

Business Meeting Minutes


The Brevard Soil and Water Conservation District met in a regular public session on Wednesday, December 13th, 2023, at 11:30 A.M., at Kay’s BBQ, located at 1552 W King St, Cocoa, FL 32926.


Board Members Present: Bud Crisafulli, Chair

                                                Brian Fleming, Vice Chair

                                               Billy Kempfer, Secretary


Staff Members Present:  Derrick Wyle, USDA NRCS, District Conservationist

                                                 Joe Walter, UF IFAS Brevard County Agricultural Agent

                                             Anna Moore, UF IFAS Brevard County Agricultural Program Assistant


Presented Documents

-          Final meeting minutes for November 2023

-          Letters to amend the letter of appointment dated in February 2023  



The meeting was called to order at 12:40 P.M. by Bud C. Today’s meeting was brief as it was followed by a holiday luncheon to commemorate the end of the year.



Review and Approval of the Current Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer was not able to attend today’s meeting, but there were no new changes in the last month to the treasurer’s report. The lunch provided at today’s meeting was paid for by the Soil and Water Board with a check and will be factored into the next treasurer’s report. The board also sends a check to IFAS every year for support, this will be planned at the next board meeting and will be factored into the treasurer’s report.




Review and Approval of Minutes for the prior Board of Supervisors meeting

No changes were made to the minutes this month. Billy K. motioned to approve the minutes; Brian F. seconded the motion. Motion carried.

District Conservationist Update

a.       Over 40 applications have been received throughout Brevard County for grant funding opportunities. NRCS will continue to review and accept applications if there is still money left over that can go towards more grants in the future once the current applications have been reviewed.

Old Business

a.       The Canaveral Marsh cleanup was postponed due to lack of sign-ups, a date after the holidays will likely be selected to reschedule. Staff from UF/IFAS Brevard County Extension are planning to go to the marsh area to cleanup this month.

b.       The long range plan for the upcoming year will be planned more at the next board meeting.


New Business

a.       There is a new email address on the Soil and Water Conservation District website for Brevard County; this will help the board be able to keep emails sent to the board in one location. The new website went live in November and the public can now view it.

b.       Bud C. signed the letters to amend the letters of appointment that date February 12th, 2023. These letters state that during the meeting on February 8th, 2023, Chris McMasters and Billy Kempfer will fill seats that were previously vacant on the board and maintain their positions until the next election, which will take place in January 2025.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:10 P.M. by Bud C., meeting minutes were submitted by Anna M.